COMPODYNAMIC was founded in 1993. It has been growing steadily  since then .


Today, COMPODYNAMIC is well-positioned to offer a practical global service to meet the requirements of our customers in the field of    Systems  . Our mission is to help our customers to benefit effectively   through the practicality and commitment of our professional staff. 

Over the years an increasing number of customers have asked our company to resolve problems of various kinds in the   system. 

COMPODYNAMIC is fully able to handle responding.
COMPODYNAMIC is also able to provide other services  including    
Our company policy is based on pragmatism and flexibility, i.e. all work is performed as speedily and efficiently as possible. In case of special circumstances and/or needs, the company staff is always available to deal with such matters in a flexible and cooperative manner.

Our modular and integrated systems


The system allows huge advantages for the Government.


Our innovative system greatly reduces the difficulty of holding  s with the same security standards as  

The system  use:





Our professionalism and experience is put at your service to try to satisfy all your political, administrative and corporate needs. 

We are also able to offer the following services:

>   assistance for  ;

 campaigns with innovative tools;

> Provision of tools for  ;

> Inspection  equipment ;

> Courses for      ;

> Preparation of  the personal  f ;

> We explain all the administrative procedures necessary for the presentation of 

> We take care of the  monitoring  for the purposes of defense against attacks of confusing .

 Compodynamic develop and Implement  the  cost-effective  electronic   systems.  

Our innovative solution of electronic  package  is designed around the idea that all parties, 

Compodynamic can improve manual  systems, partially automate them or provide a fully integrated,  solution to help   countries enjoy benefits that include: complete accuracy, consistently fast results, greater  security, secrecy and sustainability, greater turnout.
The  our new products and technologies are the best  systems in the world.
We modernise every stage of the  process, making them more  efficient with a combination of hardware and software  

develop and Implement a cost-effective technology Strategy and System

As new products are developed, you must immediately begin 
thinking about   exposure and strategies. 

The advent of new products and technologies created new opportunities  . 

 Compodynamic will identify throughout the world technologies Reports best suited to the possibilities of construction innovative products .

• Have you created a comprehensive and holistic training and
awareness program prior to ?

• Do you know and understand the tranding direction of technology ?

• Do you have a sophisticated monitoring program that
accomplishes your goals and objectives?

• Have you identified innovative products ?

• Have you benchmarked with industry and providers the solutions ?