COMPODYNAMIC was founded in 1993. It has been growing steadily  since then .


Today, COMPODYNAMIC is well-positioned to offer a practical global service to meet the requirements of our customers in the field of  Voting Systems and Data Security in the elections . Our mission is to help our customers to benefit effectively   through the practicality and commitment of our professional staff. 

Over the years an increasing number of customers have asked our company to resolve problems of various kinds in the Voting system. 

COMPODYNAMIC is fully able to handle responding.
COMPODYNAMIC is also able to provide other services  including   Data security in the elections
Our company policy is based on pragmatism and flexibility, i.e. all work is performed as speedily and efficiently as possible. In case of special circumstances and/or needs, the company staff is always available to deal with such matters in a flexible and cooperative manner.

Our modular and integrated systems


Our system provides that the voter identification equipment is associated with  a biometric  device and, subsequently, this equipment is usable as a tool for the scrutiny of the  ballot papers .

The system allows huge advantages for the Government.

In fact, it allows  to update and check the identity of the citizen in a   way certain. 

The equipment is durable over time and involves low maintenance and assistance.



It is well known that one of the most delicate moments in the electoral procedure is actually the scrutiny of the ballot papers, subject to potential fraud and errors, even greater than the voting phase, for a whole series of reasons that  is better not to divulge.

The  process slow  is that which, to the citizen but also to the expert, often raises some suspicion, even if everything has been done in an irreproachable manner from the point of view of correctness.

So it is necessary to automate the process in order to obtain a quick scrutiny of the  ballot papers free from errors, manipulations and cheating.

We propose a system that makes use of an imaging device in association with the use of  scrutiny registers associated with digital pens.

The system  is designed to bring errors to zero.

It's Hacker-proof, like all our systems.



 We present the best system in the world in the field of electronic voting.

> A portable digital device, small in size, capable of being in a hand that detects, digitizes, stores and displays on a display integrated with the device itself, the sign of preference reported by the voter on the ballot paper, however prepared.

>  A ballot box for  paper and digitalized voting .

The system allows you to have the electoral result in a few minutes, and to verify it by means of the counts of  ballot papers,  that can be just as fast!

Last but not least, it costs much less than the current electronic and paper voting systems, it's easy to manage,  nobody can  cheat, and it's fun to use!

Governments wishing to have an advanced voting system can ask for our  consulting, we will be happy to propose a project suited to their needs.



Our innovative system greatly reduces the difficulty of holding PRIMARY elections with the same security standards as parliamentary or administrative elections.

Primaries elections, become much safer and more convenient for any candidate by providing financial support and visibility to him.

In fact, the proposed system, at the same time, also allows transparent funding and incentives for political candidates or political groups, before, during and after the election consultation, directly by citizens, without any discrimination.

The system  use:

> paper or dematerialized forms made univocal, suitable for the expression of the vote andthe certification of the vote.

> The paper or forms can be used for registration to the party or movement, and at the same time can be used for the certified funding of the parties or individual candidates, with the possibility also of downloadable  from taxes.


With our modular and integrated system, voting accreditation, voting  and  scrutiny operations, are speeded up, safe and disappear the errors. 

Our professionalism and experience is put at your service to try to satisfy all your political, administrative and corporate needs. 

We are also able to offer the following services:

> Electoral assistance for lists and individual candidates;

> Electoral campaigns with innovative tools;

> Provision of tools for certified funding of candidates;

> Inspection in accordance with electoral procedures of the sites and equipment ;

> Courses for candidates and staff to be used for polling stations;

> Preparation of  the personal  for election observation missions;

> We explain all the administrative procedures necessary for the presentation of Lists and Parties and for obtaining electoral contributions;

> We take care of the filing and monitoring of the electoral symbol for the purposes of defense against attacks of confusing  and imitation.

 Compodynamic develop and Implement  the  cost-effective  electronic and paper based voting systems.  

Our innovative solution of electronic voting package  is designed around the idea that all parties, citizens and commissions can audit an election at any stage. 

Compodynamic can improve manual elections, partially automate them or provide a fully integrated, end-to-end election or voting solution to help election commissions and countries enjoy benefits that include: Auditability, transparency, complete accuracy, consistently fast results, greater accessibility, security, secrecy and sustainability, greater turnout.
The  our new products and technologies are the best voting systems in the world.
We modernise every stage of the electoral process, from registration to results, making them more transparent and more efficient with a combination of hardware, software and services.



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